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Slack Onboarding

Interaction Design | User Research | Group of 2 | 4 weeks Project

This is an ethnographic project I worked on with a team of 2. The goal is to create an effortless onboarding experience for Slack mobile app. We start from making the design principle, conducting the interview, prototype to user testing. As a design team, I worked on UX teardown, user flow and redesign the onboarding experience for user testing.

Cute Puppy

Identify Problem

In order to understand the current problem with Slack, I am using UX teardown method to analyze the app functions.



  • Onboarding experience: confusing experience for first-time users.

  • Language: it is not friendly to non-tech background user since it uses many tech languages.

  • High learning cost: first-time users need to be educated to be familiar with the functions.

  • Chat page: Unnecessary to have that separate recent conversation page.​​​​​​​​


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