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RA Lighting System

Design your own home lighting

A smart lighting system that allows you to design your own home lighting.

Project Objective

This school project focused on discovering possible designs for the new technology and system thinking. I redesigned the lighting system with new interactions for using the system.

Project type

Individual Work







1 month


UX design

UI design



Smart home 

The Challenge

It is always annoying to adjust and distribute each light at home.

  1. have to manually change the light setting each time (day to night, different areas.)

  2. the light temperature and intensity are fixed.

  3. people have to go to a certain place to control for the light. It is annoying when they forget and have to get up again.

problem light 2@144x.png

How might we adjust and distribute our home lighting easier?

The Solution

Ra Lighting ECO-SYSTEM

The light is not operating by a single commend from the hub or the phone. They live as an eco-system. The phone, the hub, and the light are working with each other to provide the best experience for the user in any situation.

WIFI communication

Detect the light intensity around

Temperature adjustment

Intensity adjustment

Initial setups

Adjust Presets

Create Modes

For everyday use

Switch modes

On/Off all the lights

Manual adjust temperature.


Key Feature

Connect all the device in the system

The Mobile App Features


Set up a different mode of lighting so you don't need to adjust each light every time. Ra has default lighting suggestings for modes. You can select the preset and adjust the details at any time as you need it. All the modes will appear on the right side list, you can switch between each one. You can also create your own modes.

Area Select

Instead of control single lightbulb to adjust lights, Ra provides a different interaction by selecting the area you want to lighten on the map. The lightbulbs will communicate with each other and let the system decides which lightbulb should be on and the intensity of it. The user only needs to select the area and can adjust the area light intensity.

Individual Adjust

The light can also be adjusted individually. Select the individual button on the bottom, the individual lightbulbs will be shown on the map instead of the area selection.

The user can tap on the light and adjust the intensity and 

The Hub

Turn All Lights On/Off

To turn all lights off by simply press the hub. Press again, it will turn all lights on.

Light Temperature

The temperature is auto adjust by default. It will adjust according to the time of the day to match the natural light. The hub allows the user to manually adjust the light temperature as needed.

Switch Modes

The user can also control the modes by turning the hub. It is common people won't have the phone on hand all the time. When the user is ready for sleep, he can turn the hub to switch to night mode before heading to the bedroom. 

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