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The Walk

Discover the place we think we know.

A navigation system allows people to discover the place we think we know.

Project Objective

The project is a personal project about digital and physical presence. The idea is we can continue to discover and satisfy our curiosity even with place familiar. When we so used to the navigation, our perception of viewing surroundings is filtered by navigation. The navigation only guides people with the fastest route. The concept of the walk is to allow people to continue to discover and satisfy our curiosity even with place familiar

Project type

Individual Work


6 weeks


UX Design

UI Design


Digital Space

Physical Space





The Challenge

Our navigation is solving wayfinding problems. It guides people to destination with the most efficient route. People don't get to explore the city by themselves even with the place near home.

- How might we maintain both digitally and physically presence?

- How might we design experience that focused on the road rather than the destination?


The Solution

The Walk App

The Walk is a navigation app for exploring the city by walking. The goal is to encourage and evoke people's curiosity discovering the place we think we know.

The Feature

Explored Area Map

The area you have walked through will appear. The other area will be covered by color. It is like a scratch card. It can show user's footprint in the city.


The filter will provide user different routes. Each route focuses on different experiences. It allows the user to get different experiences from point A to point B.


When you see an interesting point along the route, you can mark with an emoji that express the feeling of this place. Other users can also view the emoji you left here.


Along each route, there will be several points that indicate something interesting here. It gives people some guidance to reveal things along the route. When you walk close to the place, the icon will be revealed.



Research on the Route CAL-TRAIN to SFMOM

I set the route from Caltrain to SFMOMA as a start for the investigation. Looking for information along the route including sound, visual, sculpture, and so on. After collected things, I organize these things into several categories. 



After the deep research along the route, I generated several routes: Green, Photo, Sculpture, Quiet, Unique. Based on each route, I pointed out a few interesting points that can allow people to explore. Some of the points may require a little detour. So indicate the distance to the points can give people the option of whether to go or not.

Type in the destination

Select the type of route you want to experience.

Show the explore points on the map.

The first point revealed.

Map view during walking. Heading to the first interesting point.

The progress bar will show the distance until the next point.

Prototype 1.0

Physical prototype - MAP

Since the digital prototype involves map function which will not work exactly like the real product. So I made the physical prototype of the map part to test it with people.

Test with User



Check out the map decide with direction to go.

Mark Emoji

Mark Emoji

Using stamp instead of emoji to mark the place user likes.

Interesting point

Interesting point

Find the interest point.



Using the scratch card to indicate reveal when user arrived the interesting point.

Final Design

Start the journey from CAL-TRAIN to SFMOMA


Type Address


Select filter

Start journey

Display how much area you have been explored.

Explore Area

Tap the emoji to mark the place that interests you.


Filter Icons

Style Guide

Final Prototype

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